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Responsible Disclosure Statement

The Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc. bounty program is managed though Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc. You must accept the Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc. Terms of Service in order to participate in the program and testing. If you have identified a vulnerability, please report it using the contact form below.

Guidelines for reporting

  • Give us enough details to reproduce the vulnerability
  • Allow us a reasonable amount of time to fix the vulnerability before making any info public
  • Avoid data deletion, unauthorized data access, and service disruption while testing the vulnerability you found

Your vigilance will benefit the advancement of the community of Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc.

Our commitment

  • We’ll let you know we got your report
  • We’ll give you an estimate of how long the fix will take
  • We’ll tell you when we’ve fixed the vulnerability

Effective 2/12/2017

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