How Are Commission Rates Determined / How Do I Earn A Higher Commission Rate?

Commissions are based on your membership Level Free Basic Contributor are compensated at a rate of 65% commission Premium Annual Contributor are compensated at a rate of 80% commission for an annual fee of $39.95 Platinum Lifetime Contributor are compensated at a rate of 80% commission for a one time fee of $179.95 Free upgrade to Premium or Platinum Contributor options: […]

How Do I Protect Images I Want To Sell On Preachers Pay Preachers?

Selling Images on Preachers Pay Preachers Selling digital images on Preachers Pay Preachers is easy. However, depending on the type of file, there are certain things to consider in order to make the process simpler for you and the customer. Selling images on Preachers Pay Preachers creates a situation where the image you’re selling also […]

How Do I Open A PayPal Account?

How Do I Open A PayPal Account? Use this link to go to  PayPal or go to Click the “sign up for free” button Click personal account (or business for your contributor shop).   The PayPal fees of $0.30 + 2.9% will not affect you.  They are applied to the buyer at checkout and deducted before the final payment […]

How Do I Join The Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc. Community?

To become part of Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc.  click this Join Now  link to go to the registration form.  You will initially be established as a subscriber and are free to shop around and make purchases.  If you want to be a Contributor, open the Contributor Dashboard to go to the form required to begin selling.  You will need […]

What Are The Membership Levels For Contributors?

You may find this post helpful: Membership Options Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc. Policies & Guidelines Acceptable Use Advertising Standards Contributor (Seller) Fees & Policies Contributor Policy Frequently Asked Questions Guidelines For Buyers Humble Beginnings Intellectual Property Policy Privacy Policy Responsible Disclosure Statement Rules For Contributors (Sellers) Terms Of Service

What If I See Something Offensive Or Inappropriate?

What If I See Something Offensive Or Inappropriate For Sale? Preachers Pay Preachers takes integrity violations very seriously.  If you find a download that is inappropriate or violates the standards of this community, please tell us right away.  We will review your concern and remove inappropriate content immediately. If you are uncertain whether a listing violates Preachers […]