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Advertising Standards

We believe that promoted content should make everyone’s experience on Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc. better. Advertising can play a big role in helping people find the content they need for their church, family or community. To make sure that promoted content is relevant and useful, we have put together these advertising principles and rules.


We have high standards for ads. These principles should guide your content and behavior as you advertise on Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc.

  • Be authentic – Promote content that is truthful and accurate
  • Promote content that makes you proud – Your ads should be some of the best content on Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc.
  • Don’t promote spam or other controversial materials – People should be safe from content that doesn’t promote ethics and guidelines of the Bible or a holy community
  • Obey applicable laws and regulations – keep it legal or we will delete it


The Specifics

You are solely responsible for making sure your use of our ad services and your ads follow all relevant laws, regulations and industry codes. You must also follow our acceptable use policy, terms and these advertising standards. These rules apply to all parts of the promoted content, including the image, description and destination and to features like audience targeting.

Be Authentic and Honest

Authenticity means being truthful and honest about the product or service you are promoting. It also means being transparent with people about what they should expect when they interact with your ad, your shop, and your products.

  • Accurately reflect your product or content
  • Don’t make misleading or exaggerated claims
  • Respect the rights of others

Be thoughtful with your editorial comments

Put Shoppers safety first – You are responsible for the content you put out and promote on Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc.

We reserve the right to reject, approve or remove any promoted product that negatively affects our relationship with people on Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc. or goes against our interest. We may also remove ads or categories of ads that get a noticeable amount of negative feedback from other users. These rules may change at any time and will be applied at the discretion of Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc.

Promoted Listings

Contributors can advertise their products through the Promoted Listing tool. By promoting a listing (purchasing the ad), a Contributor’s item can be displayed prominently on Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc. Products. Promoted listings are displaced in search results, based on the relevancy to the query, the quality of the listing and the bid associated with the listing.

Purchasing Ads

When you purchase an Ad, you understand and acknowledge that you are purchasing advertising on a cost per click basis and you are responsible for any clicks your Ad receives. This means that you will be charged each time your Ad is clicked, not simply when it is displayed. You may pause an ad campaign at any time, but you will still be responsible for any charges incurred prior to pausing your campaign. Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc. will not grant any refunds for charges related to clicked Ads.

Ads are all priced at 10 cents ($0.10 USD) per click. You can enter a max amount of money you want to spend per day or per month on each promoted ad.

Ad Budgets and Billing

You can set a budget to limit the amount you are willing to spend on Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc. to promote your listings. You will never be charged more than your budget.

Ad fees will appear on your Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc. bill.  All advertising fees accrued will be automatically deducted prior to issuing any monthly commission payment owed to you.  Any remaining balance is your responsibility. If you have an overdue balance on your account, Ad services will be suspended until your account is paid.


Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc. does not guarantee that a displayed Ad will be clicked. Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc. does not guarantee that if a user clicks on the Ad, the related listing will be sold.

Preachers Pay Preachers, Inc. reserves the right to remove an Ad and the related listing for any violation of our Contributor Policy or Terms of Use.

Related Policies

Ads may not include any content that infringes upon or violated the rights of any third party, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other personal or proprietary rights. Please read our Intellectual Property Policy for more information. You are solely responsible for ensuring that your Ads comply with our policies and all applicable laws and regulations. Preacher Pay Preachers, Inc. reserves the right to reject or remove any ad for any reason, at our sole discretion, including ads that may negatively affect our relationship with our members or partners.

Effective 1/12/17

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